We are Looking for any serious Associates / Partners to co-operate with us in Real Estate. This applies to people living in any Country or even in Cyprus. They will Refer Clients to us who wish to Buy / Sell / Rent Property in Cyprus. For every successful Property Deal , an agreed Bonus Payment will be given to the relevant Associate / Partner. Do you know someone who wants to BUY/ SELL / RENT Property in Cyprus ? If The answer is yes Please send us an Email . Thank you.
We are looking for Associate Real Estate Lawers who want to co-operate with our Real Estate Agency Company to our mutual interest. If you are interested to discuss it , please send us an email. Thank you.
We provide PROPERTY VALUATIONS by a Licensee CERTIFIED PROPERTY VALUER by ETEK ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ' We offer SIX CATEGORIES of Property VALUATIONS : ------------------------------------------- ------------- . 1. ORAL - Simple Property Valuation . 2. ORAL - Normal Property Valuation . 3. ORAL - Specialized Property Valuation .------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- 4. WRITTEN - Simple Property Valuation . 5. WRITTEN - Normal Property Valuation . 6. WRITTEN - Specialized Property Valuation -------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Thank you,----------------------------------------------- ----- WWW.CYPRUS-BUYRENT.COM -------------------------- LIMASSOL, CYPRUS
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