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  Hi  .. !   I'm Solomon,

 Your friendly  "Top Real Estate Agent & Property Qualified Consultant"

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 I'm a "Real Person" and I Love "Real Estate" !


  I 'm a Top Property  Specialist and Property Qualified Expert, combining together
  Qualifications, Skills , 29 years Experience  and a thorough Knowledge of the
  Hidden Problems of Cyprus  Property !

  3. A “CERTIFIED PROPERTY VALUER” registered with the “ Scientific & Technical Chamber of Cyprus” (ETEK)
  4. Managing Director of  Buy-Rent-Property s.k Ltd  - Licensed and Registered Brokers /Agents  by the Government of Cyprus  Reg.No 475 /Lic.No 2/E.

  How αm I going to  Help You ? 

  •   I want to Help you to AVOID making EXPENSIVE Real Estate Mistakes.
  •   I want to Help you to AVOID the many  HIDDEN  Problems of Real  Estate.
  •   I want to SAVE you "TIME and MONEY"  by Helping You to make the "Right Choice at the Right Price" !


     "My goal is to do more, than just to Help you  Buy or Sell your property in Cyprus. 

      I want to Help you all the way  from A to Z and establish with you a long-term  Confidential Professional                     relationship.

      I want to become "Your Dedicated  Real Estate Consultant for Life" 


 I Have a Large Selection of Properties For Sale & Rent in the whole of Cyprus but I specialized in the Limassol    Area.


   Enter the wonderful world of Cyprus Property  and BENEFIT FROM OUR KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE !! 

  Feel FREE CALL me Today at  00357  99647443 or send me an email  solo@cytanet.com.cy !

  • Property advice from people that you can trust is particularly important when dealing with a foreign country. 
  •  We have over 29 years experience dealing with all aspects of real estate and our satisfied property buyers        come from many countries of the world.
  • To find our professional standards and whether you are in good hands, please read further.


  My Free Advice:

  Some Cyprus Property Prices are Now at the bottom.

  • "Now is a good Time To Buy Selective Cyprus Property.
  • Before prices start moving upwards!!!



  My Own Slogan:

   " Remember:  The Only Way To Win In Cyprus .. Is To BUY the RIGHT  Property. "

    By: Solomon Kourouklides

    B.Sc.Hons.(Econ) , SCV  -  Certified Property Valuer - Licensed Broker/Real Estate Agent


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   SOLOMON  KOUROUKLIDES    B.Sc.Hons.(Econ) - Certified Property Valuer 

  • A British University Graduate with a B. Sc.Hons(Econ) from the UK,
  • A “CERTIFIED PROPERTY VALUER” registered with the “ Scientific & Technical Chamber of Cyprus”  (ETEK ) and the “International Real Estate Institute” USA
  • CHAIRMAN  of   “CYPRUS REAL ESTATE AGENTS ASSOCIATION” (CREAA) for the following periods: (2000 - 2002)- (2002 - 2005) -(2007- 2009)-( 2009- 2012)
  •  GENERAL SECRETARY and member of the  “Cyprus Association of Real Estate Valuers by Profession” (AREVP),
  •  For 5 years , ELECTED  MEMBER to the Semi-Governmental body which Regulates the Estate Agents in Cyprus  the “  REGISTRAR COUNCIL OF ESTATE AGENTS” 
  •  PRINCIPAL MEMBER of the “International Real Estate Federation” (FIABCI- Cyprus Chapter)   from              (2000 -  2002)- (2002 - 2005) -(2007- 2009)-( 2009-2012
  • A Registered “ Certified Real Estate Agent ” licensed by the Republic of Cyprus to Sell and Rent properties to aliens and Cypriots,

   We are specialists covering every aspect of property, combining qualifications, skills with experience and          thorough knowledge of the hidden problems of Real  Estate. Choose the right property expert with knowledge    and experienced combined together  !

 Please feel free to call us any time at the telephone: 00357 99647443

 or contact us via e-mail at solo@cytanet.com.cy

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  1.  We are actively operating in Real Estate in Cyprus since 1987. We Cover our property Buyers with a Professional Indemnity Insurance for any unforeseen errors or mistakes regarding every single property transaction, in accordance with The Estate Agents Laws of Cyprus.
  2. From 1987 until 2016 we made No Mistakes and No Errors regarding any property transaction.   Why? Because we are qualified, we are Educated, we are Experts and we have 29 years of real estate experience. We are the Top Real Estate Experts in Limassol Cyprus and we are very proud for our good record. As qualified professionals we have advised many big and small property investors.
  3. We are also Licensed Certified Property Valuers, and therefore we do not rely on others to value our Properties for sale. We look after our Buyers and we protect them and advise them all the way from A to Z. We never proceed with any purchase unless it is 100% correct and legal.  We are REAL people and we are a Family based Company. Our customers very often become our friends for life and they recommend us to their friends.
  4. Finally we are very loyal and trustworthy to our customers but above all we are very confidential to them. We combined our educational qualifications and 29 years of experience which is  for your benefit.


 Just give us a chance to prove it ..... AND......BENEFIT FROM OUR KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE!! 


 Please feel free, to call us any time at: 00357 99647443 or contact us via e-mail at solo@cytanet.com.cy